Body Massage in Thane | How To Choose Right Kind Of Massage Therapy?

Thane is quickly becoming a part of fast lifestyle with its ever evolving business environment and number of jobs increasing. Getting a body massage in Thane can be very beneficial for you. While it might be relatively easier to find a right massage center, finding the right massage therapy can be a tricky business. Every therapy serves a different purpose and every person has his or her own reason to get a massage. It also depends on various factors like age, body type, etc. so let’s have a look at different types of massage therapies and what they can do for you:

Swedish Massage -

This massage is also known as Therapeutic massage. It is the most regular kind of relaxation massage from all the massages out there. It comprises of lenient strokes and body is kneaded with strokes in recurring motion, along with the soft taps on just the upper layers of the body muscles. You won’t feel tender after this massage. You can also tell your therapist how much pressure you want on your muscles.

Deep Tissue Massage –

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Deep tissue is one of the most widely held massage therapies amongst the massage users. It does not require any certification on the part of the therapist. This massage is for those who like some strength in the physical aspect of the massage. As the name suggests, this massage goes deep into the body tissue as compared to Swedish massage. You might feel a bit tender after the massage.

Sports Massage –

A therapist needs certificate before he or she is allowed to practice sports massage. This massage is done without removing the clothing and very little amount of oil or lotion. Sports massage is generally used by athletes or sports persons after their game or race or when they have small injuries or tears in muscles.

Thai Yoga Massage –

This massage is done on a mattress. A client has to lie on the mattress and then the massager helps the client with body stretching movements, or postures, and then he or she put pressure on body to lightly stretch it. The Thai Yoga massage is very beneficial when it comes to attaining relaxation of body and mind. In around last decade, this massage has become quite popular and more and more people are getting attracted towards it.

Prenatal Massage –

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The prenatal massage has especially been designed for the pregnant women to ease their aches and strains during the months of pregnancy and also to reduce the stress of carrying a child. This massage is for pregnant women who require attention to particular parts of their bodies that might be under stress due to pregnancy, especially in the later months.


Massage is kind of healing in nature. People have been practicing massaging for centuries and have earned various benefits from them. With the types of massages, everyone can find something that will suit his or her needs. If you think it is the right time to get a massage, come to our massage center in Thane where you will the right body massage in Thane at some very affordable prices.

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